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Northampton Coach Hire



The Services Of Northampton Coach Hire

Northampton is a popular destination for tourists and a common business travel location. The city features activities for families, and it also has a rich nightlife scene. It’s located relatively close to other major cities of England, such as London.It can be difficult to navigate the city if you’re unfamiliar with the region. Northampton Coach Hire is a great way to get around. The company has very experienced drivers, and this will ensure that you get to your destination on time. The company has many years of experience in the industry, and numerous customers have had great experiences with them. The company has been in business since 2011 and have had more than 700,000 passengers between 2011 and 2016.The company offers a very wide selection of vehicles, and minibus hire  vehicles are known for reliability. In addition, Coach Hire offers low prices.

What Types Of Vehicles Does Northampton Coach Hire Offer?

Iveco Vehicle Minibuses Standard:

Iveco is a reputable manufacturer of minibuses. Northampton Coach Hire has a number of Iveco Minibuses to choose from. Iveco minibuses are known for featuring a sizable amount of interior space, and many of them have a high passenger capacity.

Iveco Standard Minibuses are quite comfortable. They’re also designed to be environmentally friendly, and they meet current standards for low carbon emissions.

Ford Transit Standard Minibuses:

Ford is known for producing quality minibuses. Their vehicles feature automatic navigation, and this helps to ensure that you reach your destination on time. Ford Transit Standard Minibuses also have headlights that turn on automatically. This helps to ensure that you remain safe on the road. Furthermore, there are windows located throughout the vehicle.

Executive Mercedes Vehicles:

Mercedes is known for producing some of the best vehicles on the market. The executive Mercedes vehicles offered by Coach Hire are exceptionally reliable and comfortable.

Renault Master Standard:

The Renault Master Standard is a sizable van. These vehicles are quite reliable, and they are well suited to medium sized groups.

The 8 Seater Minibus:

The 8 seat minibus is perfect for smaller groups. The bus features comfortable accommodations, and it’s a very reliable vehicle. In addition, it features plenty of windows that make it perfect for sightseeing.

The 12-14 Seat Minibus:

12-14 Seat Minibuses are perfect for groups that are slightly larger, and they also are known for comfort. These buses also are good for sightseeing, and they are quite reliable.

The 16 Seater Minibus Hire Northampton:

This minibus is well known for it’s quality, and it features comfortable accommodations and plenty of windows.

The 24 Seat Mini Coach:

The 24 seat mini coach is perfect for groups that are a bit larger. In addition, it also features a significant number of windows and comfortable accommodations.

The 28-35 Seater Coach Hire Northampton:

This bus is perfect for medium sized groups. It features window seats, and it’s comfortable. It’s also one of the most popular rentals at Northampton Coach Hire.

The 49 Seater 53 Seater Coach Hire Northampton:

This is the second largest bus offered by Northampton Coach Hire. It also features comfortable accommodations and plenty of window seats.

The Double Decker 72 Seat Coach:

These are the largest buses offered by Coach Hire, and they make it possible to transport extremely large groups. In addition, these buses are quite comfortable, and they are known for their reliability.

Things To Do And Places To Visit In Northampton:

Top Notch Restaurants: There are many highly rated restaurants located in the city. There are many restaurants that feature classic UK style cuisine. There also are restaurants that feature cuisine from other regions of the world. Some great places to eat are The Old White Hart, Sophia’s Restaurant, and Pamukkale Turkish Restaurant.

There also are many pubs that feature quality cuisine. One example is The Sevens Pub and Restaurant.
Museums: There are a variety of museums in the city. Some museums are focused on the arts. However, there are other museums in the city that are that document the history of the area. One museum is dedicated to the history of the region’s railways. This museum is the Northampton Ironstone Railway Trust. MOLA is an archeological museum, and it features artifacts from a variety of cultures.
Historical Sites: Abington Park is one of the older regions of the city, and it’s one of the UK’s most well-known historic sites. In addition, 78 Derngate is a great place to see historic architecture in Northampton. The building has been restored, but the architecture style remains unchanged.
Art Galleries: There also are a number of art galleries throughout the city. These galleries feature artwork from local artists, and work with artists outside of the area is also often featured.
Parks: Some parks in the city are exceptionally large, and they feature picturesque scenery.
Nightlife: Many venues in the city feature live music. In addition, there are quite a few nightclubs to choose from. Some of them have been rated quite highly.
Places To Stay In Northampton:

There are many lodging options in independent hotels and major chain hotels. Here are some of the most popular non-chain hotels in the city:

The French Partridge: The French Partridge is a widely known hotel in Northampton. It’s an older building, and it features picturesque architecture.
It’s been highly rated.
The Hopping Hare: This hotel has been rated at 4 stars on Trip Advisor. It features free parking and wi-fi. The Hopping Hare is 108 dollars per night (converted from euros).
The Langham Hotel: The Langham hotel is available for an affordable price. In fact, it is only the equivalent of 42 dollars per night on It’s rated at 3.5 stars on Trip Advisor. It features free wi-fi and free parking. The Langham Hotel features bed and breakfast style accommodations.
The Ibis Hotel Northampton Centre: This hotel has been rated at 3.5 stars on Trip Advisor. It’s considered the fifth best value for a hotel in Northampton. There are free wi-fi and a restaurant at this hotel.
The World’s End: This hotel is a well known, quality hotel. It has been rated at 3.5 stars on Trip Advisor, and it’s available for the equivalent of 107 dollars per night.
Sedgebrook Hall: This hotel is available for the equivalent of 68 dollars per night on There is free parking and wi-fi, and it has been rated at 3.5 stars on Trip Adviser.
The Poplars Hotel: This hotel is rated at 4.5 stars on Trip Adviser, and it is available for the equivalent of 92 dollars per night. It features free wi-fi and parking.

Here are some of the most popular chain hotels in Northampton:

The Northampton Hilton: Hilton is a well-known chain of hotels, and their Northampton branch features a pool and free wi-fi. This hotel is available for the equivalent of 139 dollars per night.
The Northampton Mariott Hotel: The Northampton Mariott offers rooms for the equivalent of 160 dollars per night, and it has been rated well on Trip Adviser.
Premier Inn: Premier Inn is a well-known hotel chain in the UK, and they have several branches in Northampton. Their hotels are known for quality, and the Northampton branches have received ratings of more than four stars on Trip Adviser. They feature free wi-fi, and one branch even offers a restaurant. Their prices tend to be affordable at around the equivalent of 70 dollars per night.
Travelodge: Travelodge is an international hotel chain, and they have several branches located in Northampton. Their prices tend to be reasonable, and they offer a good value.
Holiday Inn: There is a Holiday Inn Express located in Northampton, and there also is a standard Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn Express features low rates, and both branches feature excellent accommodations.

Towns And Postcodes In Northampton:

NN1: This postcode is the center of the city. It’s fairly densely populated. Many of Northampton’s popular attractions are in this region.
NN2: This region is just north of NN1. It also is quite densely populated, and the University of Northampton is located in this postcode.
NN3: Moulton Park is located in this area. It is located to the northeast of the city.
NN4: This region is slightly to the south of the center of Northampton. It contains the town of Hardingstone.
NN5: NN5 is located to the northwest of the city. It contains the town of Upton.
NN6: This region is located to the north of the postcodes in the center of the city. It’s quite a broad region, and it includes several towns. Some examples of towns in the area include Crick and Long Buckby.
NN7: NN7 is located to the south of the city. In fact, it directly borders NN4, and it is west of Hardingstone.
NN8: NN8 contains the city of Wellingborough. This city is relatively close to Northampton, and it can be a great day trip from Northampton. It is a market town, and this means that there are plenty of places to shop in the city.


Upcoming Events In And Around Northampton:

Bubble 5K (September 10, 2017 9:30 AM): This is a 5K race that starts in Abington Park. There is a gathering to start of the event that includes a bubble mega blast, and there is a brief warm up. The winner of the race will receive a t shirt and medal. There is a small fee to participate.
The Northampton Skills Show (July 11, 2017 9:30 AM): This event is held on the Northampton Saints Rugby Ground, and it features demonstrations that help to prepare job seekers in the UK.
It is free to attend.
The Northampton Santa Run And Walk 2017 (December 10, 2017 9:30 AM): This is a run/walk that takes place in Abington Park. There is a small fee for participation.
Ultra White Collar Boxing (July 16, 2017 3:00 PM): This is a well known UK boxing event, and it is held at the Park In by Radisson. The fee to attend varies between 21.90 euros and 150 euros depending on the seats you choose.


What Services Do we Provide?

we also minibus tours of the city, and the rate for the driver is affordable. This is great for groups of tourists who are new to the city.

Northampton Coach Hire is great for corporate travel, and there are many vehicles that are well suited to both large and small business groups.

In addition, minibus is often used for stag parties in the Northampton area. There are several types of coaches that are perfect for stag parties.minibus hire with drivers are very familiar with clubs and bars within Northampton and the surrounding area.

You can use the services with our company  for big nights out of any sort, such as birthday parties. There are a variety of sizes of coaches that you can choose from. It’s possible to use the services of to go to major concert venues both within and outside of Northampton. Their services are also perfect for festival organizers that are arranging transportation to the event.

Coach Hire is also often used for funerals. You can choose from a variety of sizes of minibusses and coaches.

Coach Hire also is often used for weddings. There are several classes of transportation that are perfect for weddings. Coach Hire offers a VIP coach, Standard coach, and an Executive coach. In addition, the company has experienced advisers that can help you to plan your wedding.

The payment system used by Coach Hire for group events is quite unique. In fact, Coach Hire’s payment system makes it possible to split the payment between members of a group.

You also can use the services of  for trips to races, such as horse races and car racing events. Their services have been rated highly by customers who have used their services for transportation to and from racing events. It’s possible to use the services of Northampton Coach Hire for virtually any type of day trip as well.

Their services are also well known for airport transfers. This makes them perfect for corporate trips. While you can use their transportation to travel from the Northampton airport to a hotel, it’s also possible to use their transportation to travel from the Northampton airport to a nearby airport for another flight.

Some of the coaches offered by us are exceptionally luxurious. In fact, Northampton Coach Hire is well known for luxurious coaches. While you can rent coaches in Northampton, it’s also possible to use the services of  to travel from another city in the UK to Northampton. For all services, rates are affordable, and Coach Hire is one of the cheapest coach rental services in the UK.

How To Get In Touch With Northampton Coach Hire:

You can get a quote for their services at the following link. It’s also possible to use the contact form to schedule a call back. There are several different ways to get in touch with us. It is possible to get in touch with by by telephone on the above number
You can also send Coach Hire Northampton an email at  The company will get back to you exceptionally quickly. Customer service representatives  very personable, and they can answer any questions that you have about the company’s services.


Why Should You Choose Northampton Coach Hire?

were  are cut above most other coach companies vices. Coach Hire’s drivers are more experienced than drivers from other companies that offer coach rentals, and they are exceptionally reliable.

Also  offers 24 hour support. This ensures that you will be able to make adjustments to your plans. The driver’s number is given before the day that you use their services. This also helps to make it easier to adjust your plans.

All drivers that work for  have a clean criminal record. Northampton Coach Hire carefully checks the backgrounds of all applicants.

Northampton Coach Hire offers a wider selection of vehicles than many other companies in the industry. In fact, there are dozens of different vehicles to choose from. All of their vehicles are known for being exceptionally safe and comfortable, and they are regularly serviced to ensure their safety.

It’s also very easy to schedule a rental from our company. In fact, it’s possible to get a quote online. Many other companies do not offer this. The form to get a quote online is on the home page of the website, and it allows you to punch in the origin and destination for your trip. In addition, it’s possible to book a trip online easily.

Also, there are always discounts available from Northampton Coach Hire. Many other coach rental companies just offer discounts at certain times of the year.

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